General Cleaning services

BMF GRUP Cleaning department is specialized in all cleaning services. This services are much more relevant than people might think. There is a lot of variety in the types of places that our cleaning service can be found. We are in office buildings, retail locations, warehouses, factories, and more. Each type of place presents its own challenges and opportunities. 

One of the most important things for a cleaning service to remember is that they are working in other people’s spaces. This means that our peoples need to be respectful of other people’s belongings and property. It also means that they need to be careful not to damage anything. Cleanliness is important for both health and aesthetics.

Post Construct Cleaning Services

BMF GRUP cleaning department is specialized also in works for post constructions clean up. There’s always so much debris and dirt left behind. But with our post construction cleaning services, you can rest assured that your building will be clean and ready for occupancy in no time.

We understand the importance of having a clean and presentable space, especially after a construction project. That’s why our team of experienced cleaners will work diligently to clean every nook and cranny, ensuring that no detail is left behind.
We know that the construction process can be messy and chaotic. But with our post construction cleaning services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your building will be sparkling clean and ready for use.


BMF GRUP cleaning department  is ready for any specialized cleaning services moreover we assuring according with a periodical schedule or on request may operations as :

  • Cleaning the windows, balustrades, doors, casements, switches, candelabra, panels, manifolds and cooker hoods, exhaust fans, dust removal from the carpets, cleaning the upholstery, shampooing carpets by dry shampooing with mono-disc or by injection-extraction method;
  • Removing stains, cleaning floors, cleaning of graffiti, protection against graffiti, reconditioning facades, walls, the monuments, surfaces of metal or wood;
    dust removal, wall, couch and armchair cleaning; scraping, crystallisation and polishing the marble and mosaic, washing the tile, faience and basins;
  • Cleaning and polishing of the parquet with special emulsions, cleaning furniture and office equipment with anti-static solutions, cleaning and washing the upholstery;
  • Odorization and aeration of the rooms;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of showers, saunas and pools, disinfection and odorization of sanitary groups, kitchen, sanitation with steam jet;
  • Treatment with protective solutions of the surfaces made of wood, glass, aluminum, stainless steel;
  • Cleaning and polishing the desks, computing equipment;
  • Disposal of garbage, aeration and odorization of rooms, cleaning the terraces, garages and basements.


BMF GRUP cleaning department  have also the alpinists in worder to assure the faced cleaning for any sophisticate building. 

  • This activity has special requirements, both from the point of view of the preparation of the working team and materials used.
  • The utility climbing teams are trained to carry on their activity in terms of height and to withstand the stress factors that may arise in the ordinary course of cleaning operations.
  • Having regard to the variety of areas likely to be encountered in the framework of these operations, the materials used are varied according to these, as well as equipment used within the fat removal, cleaning and drying.


BMF GRUP Desinfestation, Disinfection, Pest control department is ready to get the best solutions to get rid of small invaders that disturb your comfort and create material damage:

  • Services performed with the latest generation equipment and the most efficient substances on the market;
  • Fast and efficient solutions for combating all types of harmful germs, rodents or insects;
  • Substances of the highest quality, approved by the Ministry of Health;
  • Continuous adaptation of the working methods to the international requirements;
  • The qualification of personnel shall be carried out in partnership with the institutions approved by the General Direction for Public Health and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Research.
    Sanitary authorization from the Ministry of Health and Family, the Public Health Direction of Bucharest;
  • Sanitary Veterinary authorization from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forests, the National Sanitary Veterinary Agency,
    Sanitary – Veterinary Directorate of Bucharest Municipality;
  • Authorization for the keeping and use of phyto-sanitary products;
  • IGP authorization for the keeping and use of toxic substances.

Excellence In Services


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Integrated planning activity

We increase the property value

We understand the importance of our clients' assets, hence our focus is to maintain and increase the value of their assets.


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Working procedural code
Environment friendly solutions
Social protection & inclusion
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We keep and maintain the property image

By controlling all mission-critical aspects of our clients' premises, BMF GRUP ensures high-quality and customized services, through proper cleaning, security, technical maintenance, among others.


Qualified workforce
Multi skilled supervision Equal services standard
Flexible & direct decisional chain
ISO certification Specialized certification

We ensure the wellbeing of our buildings' occupants

A secure, fresh, clean comfortable, premise creates a welcoming environment for our clients' occupants.

We efficiently secure the property

We understand that all vital systems of a building must always be in a superior condition, by maintaining high- standard building parameters across many disciplines: security, IT, workflows, accesses, in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Our concern is you.
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