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Fire proof works

BMF GRUP offers a fireproofing solution to make flammable materials more resistant to fire. Our fireproofing services are available for both residential and commercial properties. 

This can help to reduce the spread of fire, and the potential damage that it can cause.

We also offer a range of other fire safety services, such as fire extinguisher training, and fire safety audits.

If you’re concerned about the fire safety of your property, then contact us today to find out more about our fireproofing services.

Excellence In Services


One stop solution
Integrated services account manager
Centralized Call
Center requests
Integrated planning activity

We increase the property value

We understand the importance of our clients' assets, hence our focus is to maintain and increase the value of their assets.


High Tech equipment
Electrical vehicles
Artificial Intelligence Support
Mobile Apps integration
Digital data process


Working procedural code
Environment friendly solutions
Social protection & inclusion
Supporting disadvantaged people
Sanitary prevention measures

We keep and maintain the property image

By controlling all mission-critical aspects of our clients' premises, BMF GRUP ensures high-quality and customized services, through proper cleaning, security, technical maintenance, among others.


Qualified workforce
Multi skilled supervision Equal services standard
Flexible & direct decisional chain
ISO certification Specialized certification

We ensure the wellbeing of our buildings' occupants

A secure, fresh, clean comfortable, premise creates a welcoming environment for our clients' occupants.

We efficiently secure the property

We understand that all vital systems of a building must always be in a superior condition, by maintaining high- standard building parameters across many disciplines: security, IT, workflows, accesses, in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Our concern is you.
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