BMF Careers


BMF Careers

Ideal candidate

– knowledge and experience in the electrical field

– Flexible, dynamic, serious person

– valid work attestation obtained from competent authorities

– integrity, responsibility

– innovative, attentive to the organization’s needs

– team spirit


Performs overhauls and repairs to electrical installations for their operation in conditions of efficiency and safety.

BMF Careers

Job description

• Maintains and fills the equipment files

• Determine the need for materials and spare parts for repairs with the head of the facility.

• Effectively participate in repairs, repair and maintenance of equipment in the facilities

• Supervises the proper functioning of the equipment on the technological flow

• Ensures clean and order at the electrical workshop and at work

• Participate in the reception of new equipment purchased in case of necessity

• Performs stock sampling operations

• Check the interior and exterior lighting and strength networks to remedy the malfunctions found, respond to their proper maintenance and operation

• It responds to the operation of all indoor and outdoor electrical power and light installations, electrical equipment, electric motors, generating sets with which the location is provided

• Perform daily maintenance, maintenance and repairs of electrical installations, electrical panels from the generating units within the unit

• Check in the beginning of the work the technical condition of the internal and external electrical installations, the start and protection devices, the electrical panels, the power outlets and the earthing connections of the installations and the equipment, taking immediate measures to remove the faults• Instructs personnel working with electrical installations and conditioning and transport equipment

• Together with the teams of workers, they install equipment relays and ensure their power supply

• Performs commissioning of electrically driven equipment

• Check that the equipment is connected to the grounding belt and where malfunctions are found to remedy them

• Fix the malfunctions that appear in the low voltage control panel and automation

• Establishes annually, together with the head of the site and the electrotechnical engineer, the program of repairing and overhauling the installations, motors and equipment, establishing the necessary materials and equipment

• Follow daily electricity consumption by reading and recording measuring devices within the subunit

• Put into operation and supervises the operation of the drying units in the water. Communicate with the laboratory personnel about the percentage of moisture to be extracted and make the necessary adjustments

• Keep daily fuel consumption records and dry product quantity

• Works only with electrical installations, devices, tools, tools, authorized and equipped with all necessary accessories in order to ensure the protection and safety of work Regularly check the Critical Situation Monitor (CSD)

• Ensure the execution of the maintenance and cleaning works of all the electrical panels, equipment and rooms


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