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BMF GRUP transforms the buildings in the appropriate and useful areas to the field of activity. BMF GRUP controls all critical aspects of its works, including the design, the allocation of building materials and labor force, priorities are effective in time, and there are optimized costs and quality. BMF Grup has developed a system of planning, through project management in the performance of construction, the supervision and control of the costs of project. Out concept “around U” allows the fitting works for the location of our customers without prejudice any disturbance in the daily activity


The services offered in this area include the whole range of operations necessary for the implementation of a construction project: diggings, foundations, resistance structure, installations (electrical, sanitary, weak currents, burglary, fire prevention, IOT), partitions, interior fittings (facings with various materials, finishes on a variety of media and with different materials), fire retardant, thermal and soundproofing, etc.
During the conduct of the projects, we give great importance to the protection of natural resources, reduction of the quantity of waste to a minimum, prevention of pollution and especially compliance with law and international and local policy.

We keep pace with the latest findings concerning the quality, safety at work and the environment protection and we will continue to take into account the needs of our customers.


We offer a wide range of interior arrangement services, including repairs for painted surfaces, for functional and decorative objects, complete re-compartmentalizations. 

Our teams are specialized on the construction works: structures for the support of gypsum carton divisions, facings with various materials, retouching and finishing operations on any type of material. An essential part of the offered services is to find the most efficient solutions for maintaining the quality standard desired by customers, together with the cost management, imposed by the budgets allocated on specific works.

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