BMF GRUP provides high quality services customized to the specific needs of each customer.

BMF GRUP uses specialized personnel, with expertise in the security procedures, through the knowledge of the rules and legal responsibilities.Permanent training of our security agents by keeping the qualifications and certificates is an important component of our security policy.

BMF GRUP customers enjoy the following customized solutions:


Before you determine the strategies that will be taken in the event of a security plan, BMF GRUP analyzes the customer’s needs, the context in which the program concerning safety and the budget allocated to these services will be developed.

The specialists of the company, on the basis of experience and training in the field, perform the evaluation of security needs, feasibility studies and foundation notes concerning sizing of security services and their effectiveness, to be in accordance with the needs of customers and the legal provisions.


Due to the fact that the security industry has an important component in the sphere of the systems of prevention and registration of events, BMF GRUP technicians hold certifications for both safety and security, as well as for the installation of the anti-intrusion systems, monitoring, prevention and fire-fighting equipment.
Installation and deployment services:

  • The audit of the location to be secured;
  • The design of systems;
  • Determining the demand of equipment and materials;
  • The purchase of equipment;
  • Drawing and communication network configuration;
  • The positioning and fitting of the equipment;
  • Configuring the safety systems;
  • Activating the safety systems;
  • The training of personnel designated by the Beneficiary.


The BMF GRUP teams are specialized in solving the problems that appear at events such as concerts, sporting events or any type of event, where the degree to interact with the public is raised.

For such actions, we will carry out plans and scenarios, together with our customers, in such a way that safety and protection measures shall be at the standard required by them and observed the rules laid down in the law and by the competent authorities, for each event.

The intervention teams constantly communicate between themselves and with the dispatcher office on the site, ensuring that the organizers of the event have all support necessary for the proper conduct of the planned actions.

Also, we will provide the scenarios of crisis and emergencies, taking into account the procedures and measures for the disposal, security of the perimeter, security of objectives, protection of important persons, etc.


Due to the specialist services and expertise, BMF GRUP provides the tools required to protect the properties and a safe environment for the employees of companies.

  • Monitoring of employees’ and visitors’ access in the buildings of companies;
  • Establishing and checking the badges and cards;
  • Establishing and tracking the input/output records to/from the buildings;
  • Inspection of baggage and packs.


We provide operational centers, consisting of specialized personnel of Firemen, Doctors and Physicians, as well as mobile units of intervention by the Fire Department and the Ambulance.

Our operational teams for Emergency Situations have equipment with technical requirements specific to each type of operation.
The Firemen Roll-off trucks are equipped with tanks of water and foam generators.


With the help of this service that is part of the structure of services offered by BMF Grup, we receive and direct visitors, distribute correspondence, answer and distribute telephone calls. This kind of service is necessary not only for hotels, but also for office buildings or shopping malls.

Excellence In Services


One stop solution
Integrated services account manager
Centralized Call
Center requests
Integrated planning activity

We increase the property value

We understand the importance of our clients' assets, hence our focus is to maintain and increase the value of their assets.


High Tech equipment
Electrical vehicles
Artificial Intelligence Support
Mobile Apps integration
Digital data process


Working procedural code
Environment friendly solutions
Social protection & inclusion
Supporting disadvantaged people
Sanitary prevention measures

We keep and maintain the property image

By controlling all mission-critical aspects of our clients' premises, BMF GRUP ensures high-quality and customized services, through proper cleaning, security, technical maintenance, among others.


Qualified workforce
Multi skilled supervision Equal services standard
Flexible & direct decisional chain
ISO certification Specialized certification

We ensure the wellbeing of our buildings' occupants

A secure, fresh, clean comfortable, premise creates a welcoming environment for our clients' occupants.

We efficiently secure the property

We understand that all vital systems of a building must always be in a superior condition, by maintaining high- standard building parameters across many disciplines: security, IT, workflows, accesses, in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Our concern is you.
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