Impacting trends

Impacting trends

The current trend in the Facility Management industry is profoundly influenced by world change, given the major challenges terms of economic, social, societal and environmental obligations.


Climate change and the detrimental impact on the planetary ecosystem force us to be more careful with the environment. In this context, the need to apply ecological models in the supply and service chain creates the opportunity for sustainable development and also a business ecosystem for companies that respect these values. We seeing every day how our clients looking more and more to this values which become important factors in choosing their business partners.


As we move forward in time, globalization is one of the important factors in all countries' economies, this creates opportunities for companies and consequently for our group. The ease of accessing foreign markets with well-qualified labor and at lower costs creates a considerable advantage for internationalization. Another benefit is the fact that we have quick access to the logistics necessary for the development, so the supply chain of parts and equipment is shorter and this helps us to optimize important costs for us but especially for our customers


The evolution of technology offers us a huge opportunity when it comes to interconnection, quality and why not human resources. We have successfully implemented various technologies in the company that have led to a better control of the business, the decrease of the costs of these aspects being obviously found in the benefits to our clients. Thus, through the implementation of new technologies, we are much more competitive and this aspect creates the premises for a much easier growth of the company and of the financial results


The need to comply with technical and legal regulations in the modern world is a must. This is important from the perspective of individual and global security. Our group is certified in all fields of activity in which it operates, we are every day in contact with the legal norms so inactive to be able to offer the best services. We actively participate in the creation of standards in our field of activity and are part of the civil society that works actively in harmonizing the legislation with the current context.


Increasing the level of urbanization in addition to social implications offers us the possibility of organic growth given the needs of modern peoples. We also shall consider the fact that our services in addition to safety refer to comfort and wellbeing, this being important value of modernity.

Impacting trends

Environment care

” The technological and economic developments and the raised attention for a minimum cost require new perspectives on the demand which asks, on the one hand, strict specialization of the subfields of each company, reflecting the increased interest in outsourcing and on the other hand, the need for integrated services tailored unconditionally to the customer needs.”

 (Hodge, 2014)

Impacting trends

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